Be the leader you have always wanted to be by creating, taking charge, and leading a group of degenerate syndicate members. Commit crime, layout strategies, expand your crews, and collect tax. There can be multiple syndicates but only the 7 top syndicates will comprise the Committee.
  • Players stake $SYNR to generate $sPOWER and delegate that to the syndicate leaders. There is no cap on the number of syndicates and no cap on the number of members per syndicate.
  • Only the top 7 leaders with the most $sPOWER will be allowed to join the Committee to manage the governance committee which shapes the earnings events and allocate the earnings pool
  • Syndicate leaders could offer benefits in assets, special events, and many others to the members of their syndicates for recruitment, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Syndicate leaders can tax their members for the benefits offered. MOBLAND platform charges a tax to the syndicates, part of which goes to the treasury and the rest goes to the overall community as Universal Basic Income (UBI)
The top 7 syndicates on the Committee overlook the metaverse and help to shape MOBLAND and the Syndicate Protocol. Each syndicate has an uncapped amount of crew members and they can create develop strategies to attract more syndicate members.
DAO mechanism will be introduced after the public sale has been concluded. This system will be introduced after we conduct surveys, and get community suggestions to implement it. This implementation will also allow us to choose the most active and engaging community members to be part of the genesis governance system and help shape the first steps forward
Will there be strength in numbers, or could there be power in only having highly-skilled players? You are in the driving seat now and you decide how to glue your syndicate together and make it one of the top 7.