The #Synner grail! 🏆 A gift that keeps on giving
The OG Genesis key to the entire MOBLAND #MafiaMetaverse and beyond
The SYNR PASS is the Genesis NFT drop by MOBLAND. This was a 'Free Mint' for which players had to complete alternate reality games (ARG) to acquire minting codes. We have dedicated 200 SYN PASS per ARG stage, with a total of 4 ARG stages planned. 2 stages have been completed and 400 SYN PASS have been distributed. 2 more ARG stages are going to be deployed in the near future. The SYNR PASS is going to provide multiple perks, incentives, and private access to the MOBLAND ecosystem. The incentives include (not limited to) airdrops, guaranteed whitelisting, staking multipliers, early access to information, a special Discord role which gives access to private channels and information, and much more TBA
There are a total of 888 Genesis SYNR PASS. The total breakdown for the SYNR PASS: - 800 dedicated to the alternate reality game (ARG) Free Mint campaign - 80 dedicated to #Synner community events - 8 dedicated to the MOBLAND team Official Link to the SYNR PASS on Opensea👇
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