MOBLAND is built on the latest Unity Real-time development platform in C#, the industry standard for cross-platform game development. The game will use this technology stack to enable an advanced graphics rendering pipeline, overall scalability, stream ability, networking readiness, and ongoing customization of the gameplay experience.
The game world is rendered in real-time 3D with adaptive, amazing cityscapes and locations using the latest graphics features your device is capable of. Your characters will draw their appearance, weapons, gear, and more from your collection of MOBLAND resources with near-infinite customizability that has real effects on the gameplay systems.


The game backend is built on world-class 99.999% uptime services from Amazon AWS by leveraging a Blue / Green deployment strategy and data stored on MongoDB. Creating a highly scalable and secure system using the various ecosystem services these providers support is our ultimate goal.
Hosting millions of simultaneous players in real-time, we will provide seamless scaling to support PVE, PVP, and PVPVE gameplay. Finally, our server backend will interface with the blockchain using a proprietary data monitoring and agent codebase that will support a wide variety of compatible wallets.


MOBLAND will be running on both desktop (PC and Mac) and mobile ( Android to start with). We are still exploring a browser version possibility.